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#142656 Publiczna debata

Napisano przez william583 on 2011-08-16, godz. 07:27 w Tematyka ogólna

All of the MSPDP "Starter" materials for teachers are now available in one place for easy download by teachers, parents, and administrators. This color booklet includes advice for organizing a team, complete instruction in the MSPDP format, information about topic selection, and advice about teaching basic debating skills. The guide is aligned to accompany the official MSPDP textbook, Speak Out! Debate and Public Speaking in the Middle Grades (available on, and accompanies orders for our sample debate on DVD or VHS. The guide is available in our "Resources" section, or by clicking

#142655 pytanie o cuda?

Napisano przez william583 on 2011-08-16, godz. 07:18 w Tematyka ogólna

Miracle workers such as Benny Hinn are followed and interviewed in this American Undercover documentary. It questions if faith and prayer can heal. This documentary is a very well-researched and in-depth look at the world of televangelists and “faith-healers”. It takes a unique approach in that there is equal time given to a breakdown of the psychological, neurological, sociological, and other scientific gimmicks used by these vampires and the business end of it that makes swindling millions such a lucrative business.