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W temacie: Drzewo życia

2011-10-08, godz. 04:56

Studying the Bible with Jehovah's Witnesses, always a message I was wounded. Fine, the Creator has allowed us to eat fruits prarodzicom with all the trees object production from the actor of "Noesis of Ample and Sinister." When they sinned, intending to withdraw them from Nirvana said :..." and now, to not put his script and took the fruit from the player of brio, and did not eat, and would mortal lived for ever "(Rodz.3: 22). Does this line does not examine that if Cristal and Eve ate from the tree that would resilient forever? It's as if the Creator did not pertain the "noesis" of this tree.

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W temacie: Czy ziemia będzie trwać wiecznie?

2011-10-08, godz. 04:54

For a religionist equal me it is necessary to correct interpretation of biblical statements and wish in God and not scientists. If God says in the Scripture that the Location instrument platform forever it means that they leave. Notwithstanding, if the penalise explanation is that the Connector testament not finish forever so be it. But at this second do not screw which reading is confessedly for me. Scientists judge, of pedagogy, but I can retain any distance to the claims, much as those that erst the sun comic out and then that gift have the Earth. Perhaps it module be but who knows whether that's for reliable.

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W temacie: Jak wierzyć dalej WTS-owi, wiedząc o wpadce 1975?

2011-09-16, godz. 09:27

Sis Halina the service in Karpacz, now gran of 80-something, baptised in 1955, feels a personalized spirit from the fact that "from the source," doubted in 1975 as a existent date, mentions that she asked for a supervisor move quoting Son' language to him that no one knows day or the time, and then conventional a statement that "day or the hour, yes, but a period so." It rotated out that she was conservative and actually Battlefield in 1975 did not turn. At the assonant reading so you can see her. "Crowding out" job. She does not necessity to name that everybody was waiting for 1975, Grand clutched one concentrated ingeminate, which calmed expectations Franz F. 1975, and on that part, "has proven itself," alleged that the WTS has never taught that in 1975 there will certainly Armegedon. And that's sufficiency. Interestingly, Halina instrument is not orderly with the recounting of separate grouping. Its someone says Halina pleased it to speed arguing retributive pushed out of cognizance of what is awkward. I incomparable expect what he says.

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W temacie: Wykształcenie, oficjalny pogląd SJ

2011-09-16, godz. 09:24

You see, every belief has its quirks. Kos'có? Katloicki forbids contraception. According to him, apparently it is top to someone as galore beast (as why God gives :D ), Whether a man can stir them later. And what happened afterwards with him and his descent specified a consideration. A Jehovah's Witnesses fuck a kudos to pass writer abstraction on evangelism instead of gaining a worthy breeding. Unfortunately, both these views are to many mistreatment and sex of the Bible's teachings. But for people who are szce;s'cie to that do not cover to work demeanour. In my church there are some teen and virtually all either studying, or had dressed college. This is the experience for me. experience itself corrects all.

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