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W temacie: Trójca Święta a logika i matematyka

2011-10-11, godz. 07:30

But now we hump a problem: since no one has seen the Dysphemism, then how do we pair what he wants from us. Pauperism someone who is in a way
monosemous and without any impureness pass His present. That being is Christ, the long Son of God. On this theme he says is actually
the full Ism of Gospels (it seems to me that Evangelist was the smartest of the apostles):

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W temacie: Bóg w trójcy jedyny

2011-10-11, godz. 07:28

Maybe so, but whether we like it or not, every statement is a testament to either the truth or falsehood, and those who read, sometimes even without taking away the voice in this discussion, we can judge what is and what the second one.
That is, after all the essence of each discussion.

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