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Komunikat w zborach 16 Stycznia 2011

2011-01-02, godz. 15:02

Na forum opublikowano list odnosnie
specjalnej sluzby pionierskiej w kwietniu 2011.
Ochotnicy bądą mogli wypelnic pensum pioniera pomocniczego spedzając
jedynie 30 !!! (lub 50) godzin w sluzbie.

Komentatorzy widzą w tym kroku kojejną akcję WTS mającą na celu sztuczne podnoszenie nowych najwyzszych liczb rocznych,
zarowno wsrod pionierow jak i spędzonych godzin na gloszeniu.

List ma byc odczytany w tygodniu od 10-16 stycznia 2011 podczas studium Straznicy i nie wczesniej!!

Annual Report 2008, 2009 i 2010

2008-11-04, godz. 06:06

Prywatne zapiski z corocznego spotkania specjalnego czlonkow CK i ich przemowien.

Wspomniano tam o pocieszaniu ludzi w obecnym kryzysie finansowym i nie panikowaniu razem z nimi,
oraz o wykorzystywaniu czasu uzyskanego poprzez (rzekomo planowane juz od kilku lat) zlikwidowanie studium ksiązki na studium rodzinne oraz osobiste, a nie na ogladanie telewizji.

Zapiski sporzadzone są przez aktywnego SJ, pelnego zachwytu pracą CK.

“If you are wondering how I got there, well, all credit go to my Compassionate, Generous, kind, Tender, Loving ... Heavenly Father who knew how much I needed this BOOST, and to my spiritual parents from Bethel, to whom I will be forever grateful!”

This meeting is always presided by a member of the Governing Body, the talks are given by them as well. & Branch coordinators around the world invited, share the work progress and experiences in their respective countries....

Bro. Herd, president, started saying, "It is good to be alive & serve The True & Living God, The ultimate Standard of what is good. This will be a joyful day! "Ps: 25:8; Zac. 9:17; Ps 100:1-5...INDEED IT WAS!!!

Talks by different branch coordinators, from Argentina, Hong Kong, Madagascar (East coast of Africa), Portugal, South Africa. I wish I could type all my notes, but time won't allow me. All I can say is Jehovah is speeding the work everywhere to gather the sheep like ones in the most unusual way. No one deserving will be left out. Those of you, like me who worry about our relatives, still out there, to repeat what an older sister told me once, "Jehovah has more interest in his sheep, than anyone of us could ever", Let us keep setting a good example for them...

Greetings from Lebanon, Spain, Russia, Benin, Iceland, Louviers (bethel in France), Brazil, Guadeloupe …

Bro. Guy Pierce, talk centred on "THE GOOD NEWS", in which year text for 2009 was given. Started "remember when you first heard "Good News", mentioned 101 x in Greek Scriptures, also implied several times in Heb, Scrip. starting with Gen. 3:15. Through all the covenants, thread of Good News of the kingdom. The most important news, The solution to every problem of mankind. We've been commissioned to publish This Good News. No better privilege for a human! We need to keep that fire in our hearts & keep preaching. Never let this system affect our with zeal & love for these wonderful Good News. We should be moved with feelings when we read these Good News in the B. and be motivated to help as many as possible in this brief time remaining. Mat. 13: 11; 10:36, 42. imitate Paul's example, 1Cor. 11:1 Fil 3:8; Acts 17:16, 17; 20:17-24.....We are in the people business. Then he said "you want to hear something profound". We all hold on to our chair to hear that something profound: "Everyone is someplace". Use every means, formal, informal, to share the Good News" with them...In his ministry, when ask "Are you JW"? no matter in what tone of voice, that brings a smile to his face & deep inside of him, " thanks for recognizing us". People are floundering; they need our help in this financial distress. Are we going to panic with them or use the opportunity to comfort them ?...Imitate Jah's kindness and patience who DESIRE to reach out to these people who keep thinking a B.S. is the last thing they need …

Bro. Steve Lett, "Will Your Children Survive Armageddon". The minor > prophets give us an idea of this fear-inspiring day: night will turn into day and vice-versa, mountains will melt. Intense light and heat will rot away God's enemies' eyes in their sockets. Whether it will be literal or no, all God's enemies will be obliterated, Jer 25:23; Joel 3:16. But, will be awesome day of release from this wicked system of things. How can family head ensure that members of their family remain alive when that day comes. Maintaining a FAMILY WORSHIP EVENING. The governing Body have pondered for several years over freeing up an evening to give more time for FAMILY WORSHIP. That includes, family with kids, or not & single people …

2 objectives:

1 - Draw closer to Jah, individually & within family, most precious relationship. Intimacy with Jah wil helps little ones to stay loyal to Jah. he read with intensity Ez. 9:5 and said this Jah will say to do to anyone who does not have the mark...That was a chilling moment!
2 - Draw closer as a family - He repeated twice "married couple who spent time together with Jah will draw closer to Jah & to each other. Same thing parents/children.

4 key elements for success: consistent. Bro. Lett begs us "Do not adopt a hit & miss attitude." He suggested, to use Thursday night. we already have that routine. Between the time we get ready, travelling and attend the meeting. that amount to several hours we can use that time wisely to draw closer to Jah. This study program need not be 1 hr only. Then he add if we use this time for TV watching, Satan will have a victory. In Job 1:6, God's angelic son are invited in Jah's presence at an appointed time. Be like Jehovah!
2.Make it practical. Periodic practice session on how to cope with peer pressure. implant spiritual goals: pioneering, Bethel, MTS, missionary, international construction...etc
3.Make it enjoyable. YPA, vol. 2 designed to be interactive "what do you think" box. Use the videos. read the bible as a family, each one play a different role, narrator, Jesus, the disciples...etc, whatever the account is... innovative. A family in Japan recreate the scroll of Isaiah using W 4/1/08, I think. Then in trying to read is 61:1, 2 without chap., verse, trying to hold the scroll with 2 hands, the 11 yr old exclaimed, "Jesus was terrific!". Keep spiritual interest first. Jah could have used a wealthy family to raise his son but He chose a poor family whom he knew always put spiritual matters first!

Bro. Splane, "Faithful Slave Class & Governing Body" started by saying "this talk is given @ the request of the Governing Body! thought provoking questions: Is the "Slave", the Governing Body? Is it all the anointed around the world? & Do all the anointed have a direct share in assignment of Mat 24:45-47? " You are my Witnesses".
In Israel day, anyone primary responsability was to witness. Each served in different capacity, such as King, princes, judges, Levites, priest....Obviously, not everyone served in a representative capacity.
Eventually, Natural Israel replaced by spiritual Israel= All anointed alive @ any given time. In 1rst century, 12 apostle & older men – Did they invite all the anointed @ the time to participe in the circumcision decision? No, The apostles & older men made the decision & the others supported it! 1Cor. 12:14-18. The anointed do not have a worlwide network where they communicate with each other to make decisions, It is not possible or practical, but Jehovah use the representative of the Slave class=Governing body to make decisions.
After emphasizing Paul modesty & humility ( Gal 1:16b-19; Acts 13:2,3, Bro. Splane, said Individually, they are also the "Domestics", none decide for himself what is to be done, what talk he would like to give, for example, but submit to the direction receive from the "organization". They welcome each other's different personality, which is a real advantage, because when a difficult situation arises, you don’t need someone who thinks just like you! He also mentioned how they don’t like to be introduced as Bro. so&so, member of the Governing, emphasis being put on their title & position, no, they consider themselves just fellow Slaves, their "heavenly calling is not a calling card"...I tell you, such expressions of Future Kings in heaven whom will see Jehovah face to face, such HUMILITY is heart warming and motivating to say the least!

Bro. Geoffrey Jackson, interviewed 3 of the oldest members of the Governing Body members who have a combined full-time service of 185 years. I was told first time ever, such interview took place in annual meeting...Time fails me to write all, but...From my observation they really wanted to present themselves as men of feelings like us who do know what we are going thru. Thay have done basically everything in Jah's organization, whatever was needed: pioneering, Bethel service (like operating the rotary press), CO, DO, missionaries, Branch overseers. Despite their old age, have a sharp mind, remembering every dates of significant changes in their lives & the organization....

5262 - NJ (Stanley Theater)
2396 - Patterson
2329 - Wallkill
2810 - Brooklyn
455 - Canada
13242 – TOTAL

1 - Bro. Barr, was a very shy boy who came to appreciate Fil 4:13. I think he touches everyone heart, mentioning how much he misses his dear wife and come to appreciate the truth of "It is not good for men to stay by himself". He said, never take for granted, though, the joys of the brotherhood …
2 - Bro. Jaracz, "Thorn of the flesh", poor health, survived 1 plane crash and a terrible car or boat? accident. He'boast in his weaknesses', so that Jehovah's power can be glorified …
3 - Bro. Lösch, did not grow up in the truth, to date, he is the only one in his family in the truth.
I could not believe my ears!!! I will gather from that Jah can use anyone, no matter what your background is, if your service to Him is motivated by LOVE for HIM and his Sovereignty...
Their final words of encouragement to us were:
Jn 16:33 "Take courage, Jesus conquered the world". Keep humble & cast all our anxieties upon God. We are in the best of hands
Mat 24:13 "Endure to the end". Keep present in our mind the invisible organization as well as the visible (on average 30 congregations is formed every week & about 5700 get baptized every weekend. Millions of angles are very much interested in our integrity...
1Jn 4:8 always imitate Jah's love in all we do in our service to HIM; Mat 6:33...

Spiskowa teoria papiestwa

2008-04-03, godz. 08:48

Link: Spiskowa teoria papiestwa
News jest z 1 Kwietnia, wiec...?? :unsure:

WTS i Internet - YOUTUBE jako platforma głoszenia

2007-12-07, godz. 18:01

Do niedawna wydawało się, że co najwyżej poszczególni członkowie SJ używają do tzw. "głoszenia dobrej nowiny" platformy jaką jest internet.
Na wydaje się, że samo WTS odkryło tę gałąź, a w nim portal YOUTUBE jako dodatkowy propagandowy kanał dystrybucyjny.

Aż trudno uwierzyć, do czego to może się przydać ten paskudny internet...

Strażnica Nr 24 - 15.12.2007

2007-11-21, godz. 20:57

Oficjalne stanowisko Towarzystwa Strażnica mówi, że nie do nas należy rozsądzać, kto zostanie zbawiony, to może uczynić tylko Chrystus.

Do you believe that you are the only ones who will be saved?
No. Many millions who have lived in centuries past and who were not Jehovah's Witnesses will come back in a resurrection and have an opportunity for life. Many now living may yet take a stand for truth and righteousness before God's time of judgment, and they will gain salvation. Moreover, Jesus said that we should not be judging one another. Humans look at the outward appearance; God looks at the heart. He sees accurately and judges mercifully. God has committed judgment into Jesus' hands, not ours.—Matthew 7:1-5; John 5:22, 27.

Inną wersję tego stanowiska znajdujemy w powyższym wydaniu Strażnicy.
Str. 14, ak.19:

(...) Celem rożnych związków oraz innych instytucji jest doprowadzenie młodych ludzi do tego, aby dopasowali się do szatańskiego świata.
Słudzy Jehowy należą już do wspólnoty, mianowicie do jedynej, która przetrwa obecny zły system rzeczy. (...)
(tłumaczenie prywatne)