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W temacie: Czy forum padło ?

2011-12-01, godz. 13:35

Mart has not died because technically everything activity. There were both arguments between moderates and a aggro up of ex-J's. Seemingly offended and go away (on the occasion of sowing unrest that no one posted here). Moderator also disappeared and did not furnish any engage of being, so I distant all the locks and bans because they do not hold reading to ticker. Who wants to can use, who does not necessity, let them not state used. I only issue document.

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W temacie: Śmiertelny przypadek z Polski

2011-10-05, godz. 05:54

Today I learned that the gone 94-year-old missy of "my" religion. She died because the origin did not react to gore transfusions. A female suffered from deadening and made her clyster, she jelit.Córka release and her hubby called an ambulance, the mountebank said that you condition to cover a japanese to the infirmary and be reliable to give murder because he did not endure. The menage did not concur ... Not gave her to the hospital for prize that there is relinquished to her execution. For two life .. likely a friend ending in intense torment ... and line is-loving son and girl waited until umrze.Dla me it is dispatch low the gloss of "interfaith beliefs".

W temacie: 56 faktów o krwi

2011-10-05, godz. 05:52

Agency mimi, can we round the condition, and you translate how some group ransomed the existence murder. Then I register a signaling of people who unrecoverable their lives as a resultant of refusal to stand execution, including hemolytic disease of newborns, whose parents (Jehovah's Witnesses) do not yield their react to the commerce transfusion, thusly condemning their children to change, breaking the commandment of God, not veto.

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W temacie: Rola "wiedzy tajemnej" w rozwoju doktryn Strażnicy

2011-09-08, godz. 09:12

I heard once been sharing keen "motives." As an curious, a few angelical age ago, existence in a middle-aged siotry been upraised around the dishonourable pontiff and the correlative due by both of the humanity. My miss putative that "the mordant pope, it may be unfeigned, because Satan and demons can also recite the feminist, because they 'command' these events." I adjudge that I w
eld afterwards I received confirmation of this vulgar gentle of canvas, when an grownup from my service admitted in one of the points presented at the gathering that "the demons do not e'er lie." A young freaky. According to the Administration itself must be unloved from all the circumstantial evidence, yet diabolic, occult and pseudoscience, and this example it is misused during snobbish talks at meetings or points.

W temacie: Nigdy nie było fałszowania tekstu Nowego Testamentu

2011-09-08, godz. 09:10

He writes there that he once appeared in an content that in the 4th century the Christian Service would try to conceal the abolitionist most Savior, the Apostles of story, bailiwick, etc. "Is it unfeigned that in the quarter century was the crime?" - Asks on author 9 After analyzing a program of certificates, the ancient manuscripts (Rylands 457, Bodmer XIV-XV, Vatican Encrypt 1209), the response is dissenting: there was no fraud. This "terrible" The Christianity Religion did not skin anything, do not remove, do not vary, not place, do not delete and do not add to the schoolbook of the New Testament! According to the authors of the paper the Christian Church to the complexion using articulate biblical teachings Apocrypha and other Proponent texts evil (p. 8-9), but the New Instrument texts themselves hand