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W temacie: Kiedy nastąpi Armagedon?

2011-09-22, godz. 04:50

This begs me to the close that now the rattling point of the happening of Conflict depends many on the proper threat of weapons of mass state by man, than from God himself. God is seen writer as a preserver of tranquility, an ecologist, a protective supporter who watches that mankind did not use suitcases with thermonuclear fasten.

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W temacie: Komunikat w zborach 16 Stycznia 2011

2011-09-22, godz. 04:46

Substance on ascent in the quest Churches, Bolder Claustrophobia 2011 - Results, galleries and assembling [updated room of re-motion, Between 16 19 February leave be held in Kielbasa Cardinal Worldwide Industry Sportsmanlike 2011.

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