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W temacie: Osoba - definicja

2011-09-24, godz. 07:19

book definition is serious, but it is dilettanteish. Does not furnish any entropy on the thing from the standpoint of the Bible and study, ie the relationship between a someone, ambience and embody.
This is a real grave publicise not exclusive from the standpoint of man's icon to God, but also to vindicate (or sustain unfounded) theory of the Creator.
It is an irrefutable fact that man is a mortal.
So it is attemptable to examine the conception of "somebody" as an representative of man and thusly set its characteristics, and thus the finding of the proper definition of a individual.Word

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W temacie: Nowe niebo i ziemia - na zawsze pokój?

2011-09-24, godz. 07:17

This is what you wrote, it is incomprehensible to man, but it perfectly explains that God knows what will make the choice each of us, but each of us has free will. God is the master of time, so for him everything is happening in the present. But I do not understand why you think that, since eternity is lack of time, there is no risk that each of us will fall off over time. In this perspective of eternity is static, because after all time is also a measure of change. And since there will be no change, then there will also occur the thinking (which already can see some:)). How then to reconcile the lack of time with the Resurrection, in which people receive the body back?

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