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W temacie: Teologiczne dylematy o Bogu jako Trójcy...

2011-10-23, godz. 05:11

Encourage an approach to the action of God within the human moral action is found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The third part of the Catechism, dedicated to Christian morality, is entitled Life in ChristAnd its introductory section, based on the Ia-IIae Sums of Theology bears the title Appointment of man: life in the Holy Spirit. Already in the first lines of this section we consider the profound St. John Eudes, who presents a theological dimension imbued with the grace of the Christian life: "I beg you to remember that our Lord Jesus Christ is truly your head, you turn one of his members. Christ belongs to you, as head of the body. Whatever is his is yours at the same time: the spirit, heart, bodyabout, The soul, all the authorities and skills. You have to use them as if they were yours, so you serve the Lord, praise Him, love and praise. And you belong to Him, as the bodiesabout to the head.

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W temacie: Dostępne artykuły o raju i zmartwychwstaniu

2011-10-23, godz. 05:06

The first character is the Easter Vigil Liturgy the darkness.To sign was readable, you can ask for power plants o exclusion o appointed hour all lights in the city. Darkness is a symbol of death, under cover of night, evil forces are activated, the busiest looting, robbery, robbery, adultery. In the dark colors lose their sharpness, blurred shapes, dies lives. We have the impression as if the whole world to a halt. We also sleep, and sleep is the little death.

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