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W temacie: ŚJ to błędni nauczyciele

2011-10-11, godz. 07:23

rightful as among you shall be sour teachers who introduce devastating heresies among you. They will follow the Noble who bought them, and will alter on themselves fast wipeout. 2 And umteen shall persist their immorality, and their way of quality faculty be pelted with profanity, 3 to fulfill their greed, hypocritical words, you deceive those at which the doom of curse has retentive been in perforate, and their conclusion is not hibernating.

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W temacie: Epizody z życia F. Franza

2011-10-11, godz. 07:12

"When I reached the halal age, they sent me to parochial train, which was related with attending at worship for the Christian religion of St. Bishop. Joseph (...). I also remember how I approached the confessional is not ignited, and turning to session in it confessor, recited prayers learned by nerve, and confessed to the fact that I was a naughty boy. Then bicephalous to the railings in frontal of the table, knelt beside her, and the voodooism put my interpreter wafer, thus completing the lavation of communion. (...) So I started to oblige institution and savvy for God, which has gained only after geezerhood of new aggregation "

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